It is a remarkable, high adventure story of a young man's initiation into courageous manhood, which includes high risk exposure to dark and evil characters and episodes. Brent Sapp has created a plot line which is compelling, convicting, and as large as the moral challenge that faces us in this complicated world. Young men profoundly need "rites of passage" to initiate them into the world of mature manhood. Teknon and the CHAMPION WARRIORS is both a challenge and an invitation to young men and their families to contract for the launching of a CHAMPION.
Dr. Donald Joy, author and Director of the Center for the Study of the Family
"I wanted to be responsible for developing the character qualities of integrity, courage, and chivalry in my sons. I wanted them to know when they are joining the fraternity of young manhood. But in reality, how was I going to find time to design this program and still have time to teach these qualities? My family, work, and church committments took too much of my time and energy. If you experience these same feelings, The Champion Training Program is for you! Champion Training gave me the foundation "How To" to build on. Then I added my own experience and tailored the book's suggestions to my son's personality traits, interests, and learning style. I wish I had this close mentoring experience with my dad as I went into young manhood."
Jay Greer President, CaREpair Michigan
"The Champion Training material provides a framework for discussion for a Father to impart principles to a son...... making both of them champions."
Rogers Kirven President,
Orlando, Florida
"The boys loved the story. The story kept their interest while giving us a springboard to discuss other topics. Every Father looks for opportunities to discuss important lessons in life. Seldom do they plan out a strategy to cover these issues. The Champion Training Program provides these topics in a format that is easy to use, keeps the interest of the young man, and provides a tool for discussion."
John Howard
Vice President Tallahassee, Florida Rogers and Atkins Insurance (and father of five sons)
"There is a window of opportunity to build into a son's life. The Champion Training Program is a wonderful gift to any Dad is looking for some help in the process of imparting faith and character to his son. I have been looking for something just like this!"
Roger Berry
A.G. Edwards
Austin, Texas
"As a family committed to passing on biblical truth to our children, we were thrilled when we found this study! Brent Sapp's Champion Training Program has opened many avenues for discussion and has given us time with our son to cover what it takes to become a godly young man. It has been time well spent. The Champion Training has helped us, as parents, to have a clear, creative, and concise track to run on. It has helped us to prepare our son to be all that God intends him to be, as he enters the teen years."
Jack and Sheri McGill
Chairman Priority One Associates Orlando, Florida